August 12, 2016

Heather & Jon Wedding {Rosebush, MI}

Jon and Heather had a fantastic wedding earlier this summer in the middle of the mitten. These two are active, artsy, and animal-loving. From the glimpses that I see of their lives, they’re constantly creating which puts them squarely on my “i-want-to-be-your-friend” list.

Although Heather and Jon now live in California, Heather was raised in Michigan so her family and friends provided the backbone for much of the day. The couple’s day was a beautiful gesture of what it looks like for two families to come together surrounded by a supportive community.

We’ll start the story at Heather’s mother’s home where the bridesmaids got ready. Enjoy this visual diary of their wedding day!

HeatherJon_0001 HeatherJon_0002 HeatherJon_0003 HeatherJon_0004 HeatherJon_0005 HeatherJon_0006 HeatherJon_0007 HeatherJon_0008 HeatherJon_0009 HeatherJon_0010 HeatherJon_0011 HeatherJon_0012 HeatherJon_0013 HeatherJon_0014 HeatherJon_0015 HeatherJon_0016 HeatherJon_0017 HeatherJon_0019 HeatherJon_0020 HeatherJon_0021 HeatherJon_0022 HeatherJon_0023 HeatherJon_0024 HeatherJon_0025 HeatherJon_0026

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