December 1, 2015

Jenine & Adam Engagement {Dexter, MI}

Jenine and Adam met up with me on a blustery autumn morning in the town of Dexter, Michigan, **spoiler alert** which is also the town I grew up in.

These two cuddled well in the doorways and on stoops of many local business as we explored together. For the second half of our shoot, Jenine and Adam schlepped a hot chocolate picnic into the wilder side of Mill Creek Park. Jenine also had packed some light reading material: With Cortés the Conqueror by Virginia Watson, published in 1917. It seemed like every sentence read was a gem.

Enjoy these few highlights from the shoot. I look forward to their wedding next spring!
JenineAdam_0002 JenineAdam_0003 JenineAdam_0004 JenineAdam_0005

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