Dan and Kelsey are two friends of mine from church. They’re both on staff there actually. Anyway, we met up out in Mattawan back before I was a father (they’re so patient with me!) We did some nature work before heading downtown to an awesome coffee shop called [the] Black Owl.

Lets start with the bikes. Comment here on facebook!

We walked the biked into an open space… which was blistering hot, so we took shelter among some trees.

:-: Later that day:-:

We also had access to the upstairs which is amazing. Unfortunately it’s not accessible to the public because of fire code.

Now here’s some internet devilry for you:

How about another spinner before we continue:

Ok ok ok, here’s where it gets real…

Mic props must be used whenever available.

We’ll end with this one. Check back later this year for their wedding!

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