I know Jeremy from the Michigan Marching Band. I also marched with his younger sister Hilary (and shot her wedding). Jeremy and I have gotten to know each other a little better since college. He shot a wedding with me and helped me with sorting out aspects of my website’s code. Jeremy and Danielle are married. Also, Danielle is a redhead. I love working with my people. Anyway, that’s the connection.

Danielle and Jeremy are in the adoption process. These days, they’re finishing up their adoption profile book and they asked if I could help with the photography. The fact you’re reading about it means I said yes. My goal as a photographer was nothing different than usual: Show the love a couple has for one another. We had a great time together.

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There, that wasn’t so hard!

So there we were, at Park Church in Grand Rapids.

A dash of color from the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum.

Heading over to Rosa Parks Circle, we took advantage of my favorite tree species: The majestic birch!

The snowfall was a nice blessing.

Nearby at the Grand Rapids Art Museum.

Jeremy and Danielle were gracious enough to show me (and several passersby) some of their dance moves.

Back at the Bronson residence.

One last kiss and a few shots of their beautiful black lab, Braylon.

Bronsons, thank you for the opportunity to play a small role in such an important stage of your lives. I look forward to hearing about a successful adoption soon. Be blessed!


Such a beautiful couple. I am sure the photos will be very helpful on their adoption journey. Good luck to them and you. Steve

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