David and Colleen are authentic people. They don’t hold back on their laughter or tears, which speaks to how intentionally and in-the-moment they live their lives. You could feel the weight of commitment (and tremendous senses of humor) through their homemade vows spoken during the ceremony. You got a glimpse of their strong character and steadfastness in the speeches made by others during the reception. It’s clear that friends, family, and coworkers realize what wonderful beings these two are and it was such a pleasure to intersect their paths with my own.

Below is but a small selection of highlights from their Ann Arbor Wedding. Please enjoy and reminisce with me. We’ll start with the ladies.

Moerlein_Wedding_0001 Moerlein_Wedding_0002

To David’s home.

Moerlein_Wedding_0003 Moerlein_Wedding_0004

The ceremony and reception were held at the Stonebridge Golf Club.

Moerlein_Wedding_0005 Moerlein_Wedding_0006

Joy is a glorious, leaping, photobombing groomsman.

Moerlein_Wedding_0007 Moerlein_Wedding_0008

The ceremony. Obvi.

Moerlein_Wedding_0009 Moerlein_Wedding_0010 Moerlein_Wedding_0011

The start of the reception

Moerlein_Wedding_0012 Moerlein_Wedding_0013 Moerlein_Wedding_0014 Moerlein_Wedding_0015 Moerlein_Wedding_0016

I must say, the dancing was top notch. Overt plug for the sweet DJing by Seriously, his set was sick.Moerlein_Wedding_0017 Moerlein_Wedding_0018 Moerlein_Wedding_0019

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