Michelle and David were extremely blessed on their wedding day. That is to say, more than most couples are. There were several storms throughout but all of our events took place inside so nothing distracted these two from their commitment and celebration. A quick aside, if you’d like to see their engagement shoot photos, here’s the post.

Things started out at the reception venue for the girls, where they got ready. You know what they say: “A nice country club interior beats the blue cinderblock walls of a nursery” (you’ll see a shot of both). Enjoy your scroll through these memories.
MichelleDavidWedding_0002 MichelleDavidWedding_0003

The guys got ready at the church.


MichelleDavidWedding_0005 MichelleDavidWedding_0006 MichelleDavidWedding_0007 MichelleDavidWedding_0008 MichelleDavidWedding_0009

Bustling the dress before the start of the reception.

MichelleDavidWedding_0010 MichelleDavidWedding_0011 MichelleDavidWedding_0012 MichelleDavidWedding_0013 MichelleDavidWedding_0014 MichelleDavidWedding_0015

The most windy lantern release that I have ever been a part of. Great teamwork, guys.


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