Thomas and Hannah are great. They’re both good looking and they’re both wonderful people. Everything a photographer could want in a subject. I have the pleasure to know them both apart form these photos and it excites me to think that come July 26th, I’ll be getting to know them as a united marital force.

We explored an unbelievable building complex for their shoot and I could have easily spent more time there. The settings add such variety and texture to each look, it’s amazing.

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Lets dive in.

Yup, thanks but Hannah already pointed it out. It’s poison ivy vine.

Lugged around the ol’ speedlight to try some flash work.

Walkin’ round all the rusty nails.

These two hams will get along just fine.

Some of my most favorite frames:

Lol with me now:

58 Days from the posting of this these two will be married. Thanks for coming alongside in a small but meaningful way.


Thank you so much, Sara! I appreciate your perception and thoughts :).

My sister and I love love love these. 🙂 What an amazing shoot location, couple, and especially photographer. Stunning job. I love how you capture people as they are. Your poses aren’t just poses, they encapsulate who the clients are with ease.

Thomas is my cousin and I just wanted to say how amazing this pictures are! I have always had an interest in photography and this type of style is something I always enjoy coming across!

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