How do you limit what you show as a photographer? Seriously. I had a hard time narrowing it down to just these photos. Thomas and Hannah’s wedding happened before our son was born and part of the fear was that Heidi would go into labor on their wedding day and I would need to scoot. Fortunately that didn’t happen and I found enough time to edit these images (thanks for waiting)! So snuggle into your seat and look at these very real images.

I was honored to photograph this wedding. Thomas is a fellow creative and he holds himself to very high standard with his own work so I’m appreciative of his trust in me. It makes me feel good, people! The love that Thomas and Hannah pour into each other and God is exemplary. Make it a point to spend more time with these two. Lord knows I try.

I’m changing things up a bit and uploading fewer images to facebook so you’ll have to come to the blogpost to get the full highlights. It’s worth the scroll. If you want to comment (which I encourage) please do so either here or on my facebook page. A huge thanks to Sarah Spohn who is not only a great second photographer but also a calm and helpful presence.

We’ll start with the preparations. [Keep an eye out for pregnant Heidi and I dancing. A rare treat, I know. Calm down.]

After the prayer, the girls continued to get ready.

Time with the men.

First look.

Then there’s this mad man. Thomas’ brother, David.

And then we hung out as one big group of smiley people.

The ceremony was held at the River church in downtown Kalamazoo (off Bronson Park).

The last few moments before the ceremony starts!

[WEDDING TIP:] Carry one of these sewing kits with you. You’ll never know when you’ll need to sew on a button between the ceremony and the reception.

Here’s where I fool all of you guys into thinking we had the weather and the time to zip out to this amazing location on the wedding day. Truth is, we didn’t. Separate shoot, separate day, twice the quality.

Heading further into the field…

Aaaaand resume the wedding day. Loft 310 provided the perfect venue.

Everyone DANCE!


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