Jenna was Heidi’s midwife for the birth of our son Elias. The knowledge and calm she brought into the delivery room was fantastic. For those reasons (and a couple others) she will always have a special place in our family’s heart.

As you can imagine, I’m really excited to be able to bring a similar amount of calm and knowledge to documenting Jenna and Chad’s engagement and wedding. Chad and Jenna have a very fun-loving relationship and it was a pleasure to spend time with them both under more normal circumstances as we braved the cold together. With that background, let us begin this display of some of my favorite images from a very snowy engagement shoot. We’ll start at their house where we spent some time warming up and interacting with their energetic little dog.

Hangin’ out on the couch.

Lets get that dog in there!

A very snowy drive later, in Al Sabo Preserve…

The snow was so deep it was a workout getting anywhere!

Thanks for the workout, you two! I look forward to your summer wedding :).

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