What’s with that “(y)” on the end of your last name?

The “e” on the end of my last name is silent but when faced with what e-mail address to give myself in college, all variations of my name were taken. I embraced the mispronunciation and added the “y” which solved things as far as addresses were concerned. Since that day, friends have started calling me “Wolfey” and it has become a part of who I am.

Do I purchase prints from my session through you?

No. I believe in charging only for the up-front services I provide to the client the day-of, along with my time in processing the digital images. I don’t like the feeling I get from selling expensive marked-up prints after I’ve already been paid once. Because of that feeling in my innermost being, I provide a slick digital delivery system for all the high res edited images. Take those files to whatever printing service you want! Don’t worry, I’ll give you some great services to use (try Blurb and Mpix). Think of it as a “teach a man to fish” way of doing things.

How do I get my images?

I mentioned digital delivery earlier, that’s standard with all my services (DVD/CD are available at extra cost). I’ll post a gallery on my clients page here. You choose whether or not it’s password protected. You can download high res files all together or a few at a time, easily share direct URL with friends and family. I can enable print ordering directly through the gallery (slight markup) or you can take your files elsewhere (Again, try Blurb and Mpix). Galleries expire in three months from the date images are posted.

Where do you get your gifs?


What is your payment schedule for Weddings?

50% with the return of the signed contract. The remaining 50% is due 2 months prior to the wedding date. OR Several of my clients in the past have found it more convenient to pay 100% up front. Whatever is easiest for you. If neither of these methods work, I would be happy to come up with a customized payment plan to fit you.

Do you have any more photos from our photoshoot?

Technically, yes. Artistically, no. Let me explain…
I hold myself to this ever increasing standard: I will never give you (the client) an image that does not make both of us look good. Yes, I take a lot of images but plenty of them have something detracting (either on the part of me or the subject). The images I select at the end of a shoot are the best. They should stand on their own legs. I’m not going to include 5-10 images of the same angle, same pose, same expression. This is how I’ve always operated and it pushes me to get even better.

Do you have insurance?

I Do! Both for my equipment and also for “liability”. Up to $2,000,000. That’s Million with an “M”.

Do you have backups of my images?

Absolutely. I keep all your images locally along with backing up copies to “the cloud”. If anything ever happens to your data, I can replace it. No sweat. Deep breath. Contact me.

How in the world am I supposed to schedule my wedding day if I’ve never done this before?

Simple. I’ll help you!
With a few dozen weddings under my belt, I have a firm understanding on how the day should run to best suit my craft. I would love to talk you through what would allow us to achieve outstanding images.

One of the biggest things that affects the photography schedule (and something that you should start thinking about) is whether or not you do a “first look” (see your future spouse before the ceremony takes place). Other variables include family size, ceremony/reception locations, and weather forecast.

PLEASE use me as a resource in planning because it deeply affects how well I’m able to document your day. If you want to read a little more about schedule, here are two great introductions to what I consider when advising couples: One and Two. Disregard all the contextual stuff and it’s in-line with my experience exactly.

How disruptive are you during the wedding? On a scale from 1 to 10.

Easy answer: Zero disruptive.
Honestly, detracting from the sanctity of the wedding ceremony is my worst nightmare. Its not about me I won’t give any reasons to rob attention. I’ll be stalking quietly around the perimeter staying out of sight. Think of me as a ninja with an unfortunate hair color. It’s true. Bold colors are noticeable even in your periphery.