I don’t know if I’ve been over this fact before or not but Darin and Jess are second generation clients. By “second generation” I mean that a current client was part of a wedding that I photographed in the past. In this case, Jessica was a maid of honor in one of my first weddings (Sarah and Dan). I really enjoy providing photographic needs for a network of people because great working relationship develop over the years. Anyway, here is Darin and Jessica’s engagement blogpost that we did the day before Thanksgiving in 2012.

Preparations took place on family land before heading over to the wedding/reception site (here). Before we continue, I should say that most of these images will also be on facebook where you should feel free to tag your friend, tag yo’ wife. If you like my work, feel free to like my facebook page. For every like, I’ll put a like in my kid’s Roth IRA account. For college. A big thanks to Sarah Spohn for assisting me for this wedding.

Lets dive in. As I said, we started on family land…

The girls got ready inside while the boys blistered in the sun.

Packing up to leave.

After arriving, the men discovered their dressing room was more of an outhouse. Conditions were CRAMPED! The girls totally got the better deal but that’s what’s supposed to happen, right?

Darin stood outside the girl’s dressing area (nice, right?) and read a letter that Jess had written to him.
After their first look I spent some time with just Jessica.

Last minute prep before the ceremony

The ceremony begins.

Post ceremony merriment and seriousness.

Finally, some alone time…

I loved the entrances to the reception. Below, the couples brainstorm moves.

Here, Jess’s twin sister (and MOH) gave one of the best off-the-cuff speeches I’ve ever heard. I’m sure others who were there agree with me too. It pretty much turned  into a delightful little roast of the groom. I love his reactions to the certain juicy details that were revealed.

And I’d like to take a minute just sit right there, I’ll show you how I photographed some rings and things blah blah Bel-air.

The cake cutting was as epic as I expected.

First dance.

Dad and Daughter
Mom and Son.

Tosses and removals.

And this girl’s all like:

Look at that effective box-out!


Meanwhile, I had enough time for an exterior shot between storm fronts.

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