Where do I even begin?

Our time with Lacey and Jon on their wedding day was enjoyable and uplifting. Their love for each other and for God spilled out and drenched the congregation of of friends and family. I love celebrating and photographing. What a blessing these two will be  for whatever community they’re a part of in Grand Rapids.

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Lacey and Jon were technically married in Delaware,OH but with S.E.O. being what it is, I went with Columbus in my title. The day was gorgeous. Not too hot and Spring was all about the land. Blooming trees, fresh scents, and unbridled joy were in abundance. Lets look at some pictures.

We’ll start with the ladies at the salon…

“Some Church” -Charlotte’s Web IIV

Jon and the boys.

I don’t think I could ask for a better setting for seriousness and some shenanigans.

Lets drool over some of these details for a quick moment.

My girl Heidi hung out with Lacey during this delicate process.

Below right are Lacey’s two sisters.

Pre-ceremony moments.

Here’s where someone started cutting onions…

Married at last!

The Fake Escape. The oldest wedding trick in the book!

Below is the Althausen Family. I can only imagine how much fun it was growing up with 5 sisters and 3 brothers :).

Out back.

We then drove over the the reception where there are some beautiful paths.

“Ze Cake!” – Sebastian the crab*

Entrances, welcomes, and prayers.
… and kisses.

Below: One of those newlywed games, ginger babies, toasts (and a little roasting).

*reread quote for the following section.

First dances.

The floor was then opened to dancing and so begins one of my favorite times to be a photographer.

The last few moments of the wonderful night.

Thanks, everyone!

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