This is Laura. She’s going to be a senior at Heritage Christian Academy this Fall. Laura likes to read and write which makes her a double threat (Both smart AND a beautiful young woman).

Lets jump on in!

 Here’s a wider shot of the image above.

 Scene change! Those heels make my “Top 10 best accent colors” list.

Laura’s friend Emma came along. Here, they claim they “accidentally” touched hands. I always love the natural laughs that come after moments like these because I can’t always be driving the funny train.

 Strategy was needed in positioning Laura so that no potty words or pictures could be seen in the graffiti… please don’t tell me I missed something.

Get it, Laura.

 Another scene change. We’ll start with Laura’s silhouette and shadow. This material had so many uses.

 Thanks to Laura’s friend, Anna for brining along such awesome lanterns.

 Have a great senior year, Laura!

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