Many of you probably already know that Heidi is pregnant. This isn’t an announcement, it’s a celebration.

Heidi is beautiful and we both wanted to document her in the beautiful AND happy pregnant phase. Sadly not all pregnant women have this happy phase but Heidi was blessed enough to have a generous stretch of time.

For this shoot we drove out to an area North West of Kalamazoo that I had wanted to test out but that totally fell flat on its face. This field was my 3rd choice but the grass, clouds, and setting sun turned out to be amazing so I’m very happy with where we ended up shooting. Also, I composed many of these images so they could be my desktop background (if you were wondering ‘what the heck?’).

Heidi is due August 7th and we’re both anxiously excited. Enjoy!

These next two are Heidi’s “will you buy me ice cream afterwards?” face. You’re so adorable, Heidi. And no. By the time we finish this shoot the parlor will be closed much to your frustration.

Here’s where the sun really did some great things with the clouds.

Babies everywhere!!!!
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