Nick and Abby are two wonderful people who have an entourage of strongly supportive friends and family. It was a pleasure to see the anticipation building throughout the morning and into the ceremony. These two were so happy to be in each other’s arms the whole rest of the night, it really made my job easy. Let’s take a journey through their day starting with the women. Before we get rolling, I want to give a shout-out to Thomas Wrench who was my second shooter on this day. Thanks for your great work, Thomas.

Let us begin.


I think it’s great that a young man can have older men influencing him to the point that he would ask them to be in his wedding. You’ve got to understand that these older guys bring a lot of shenanigans with them though. This is the sort of stuff Nick was putting up with all day. Way to go, Nick :).

At the reception (Flushing Valley Country Club)

A little interpretive dance to get the party started.

First dance.




Some random ring shots

This boy’s got moves.

The End.
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