Picture this: It’s New Year’s Eve and you’re heading to a gathering of  friends and strangers. (Sound familiar?) You suspect there may be some dancing around midnight and you are worried about your small repertoire of moves. If you know me, you know how comfortable I feel on the dance floor (that’s Heidi and me over there). So, I thought I’d share enough ideas for you to dance in 2014 as a sweaty, breathless mess. I present to you: 15 pictorial suggestions.

This is my way of reflecting on the wonderful weddings that I’ve been a part of in 2013 :). Thanks to all my clients who made this possible! Click the hyperlink next to each suggestion to see the corresponding wedding (or engagement).

So once again, my 15 ways to dance in 2014:

1. Aboard a Soul Train Line (from Rachel & Elijah’s Wedding)

2. In a chair lifted by four trusted friends (from Lacey & Jon’s Wedding)

3. Elegantly choreographed (from Amy & Phil’s Wedding)

4. Singing your favorite lyrics with your twin (from Darin & Jessica’s Wedding)

5. Having an early afternoon dance so you can still make that bedtime 😛 (from Lindsey & Logan’s Wedding)

6. Shouting at the top of your lungs (from Ruby & Philip’s Wedding)

7. Performing The Haka war dance (from Laura & Jonathan’s Wedding)

8. In a pretty princess dance circle (from Thomas & Hannah’s wedding)

9. Amid paparazzi strobes (from Nick & Mary’s wedding)

10. At the center of a breakdance circle (from Ben & Jessica’s wedding)


11. Getting shown up by your Grandma (from Shane & Michelle’s wedding)

12. Getting your Star Wars Kid on at a rave ( from Matt & Leanne’s wedding. Check out their engagement here.)

13. Letting the next generation get all the attention (from Mallory and Brian’s wedding. Check out their engagement here.)

14. Performing Brittany Spears’ Toxic (or the high school throwback of your choice) (from Kelsey & Dan’s wedding. Check out their engagement here.)

15. Dancing with your Daddy all night long (from Ryan & Lauren’s wedding. Check out their engagement here.)

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