Tom and Amy were married in a swanky Gatsby themed wedding this past September. The wedding party was small, just a sibling on each side, and guests were encouraged to dress up in period attire. There were gorgeous flowers, beautiful historic cars, and perfect weather. Above all was the commitment these two made to one another.

The ceremony took place in a breathtaking sanctuary at Saint Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church. The reception afterwards was held at CHCC.

By the way, if you want to remind yourself of their engagement photos, here’s a link to those.

We’ll start with Tom’s initial reaction to seeing Amy. From there we drove downtown for a few snaps.
TomAmy_0001 TomAmy_0002 TomAmy_0003 TomAmy_0004 TomAmy_0005 TomAmy_0006

Note the hands:
Tom reacts to his suit coat.
Tom’s dad gives his approval of his son.
See the connection?
TomAmy_0007 TomAmy_0008 TomAmy_0009 TomAmy_0010 TomAmy_0011 One of the meaningful symbolic moments in the ceremony is called The Dance of Isaiah. It makes a lot more sense what’s going on after you read about it through the link, but here’s a never-ending gif to illustrate (in reality they only circle three times.)

TomAmy_0012 TomAmy_0013 TomAmy_0014 TomAmy_0015 TomAmy_0016 TomAmy_0017 TomAmy_0018

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