This is my friend, Anna. She has a very beautiful voice and her face is pretty as well. Not long ago she traveled to Nashville, TN to record a few of her own songs. The songs aren’t available to normal people yet but if it’s April, you should be able to listen to them here.

When Anna first asked me to photograph her, I thought the images would just be used in marketing (posters, stamps… other stuff…). It turns out there’s a possibility one of these shots might make it onto her album in some way, shape, or form. I think that would be awesome.

Knowing that there would be many different potential uses for these images, I wanted to give Anna plenty of choices.I wanted to intentionally compose shots so that they could have text added to them with track lists, tour dates, or event details. Who knows right? I shot a lot of panoramas (you shouldn’t be surprised by that by now :)) so that the images would be huge and easily cropped without degrading the image. Anyway, that’s part of my thought process for some of these that I’m showing to you. Many more will remain behind closed doors.

If you’d like to comment on any of these, head over to my faceobook page and check out these same images there.

By the way, I was joined by another Anna who helped with wardrobe, posing, behind-the-scenes facebook pics etc. Here’s her site.

We started at the end of a dock on a frozen lake.

Here’s a long vertical pano. Plenty of room for text etc.

We checked out a barn for some more controlled lighting.

I tried playing with the negative space in the composition below with the same intent of isolating part of the image for text.

We finished the shoot atop a hill.

Feedback is always appreciated! See y’all next time.

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