*Be sure to check out the followup shoot we did in the warm summer months*

So I’ve got a friend named Anna. She is smart and funny and beautiful. Oh yeah, and she’s a photographer. Oh yeah, and she’s very flexible (FORESHADOWING!). In January, three of us went exploring with a purpose (Urban Yoga). It was very cold out and Anna’s hardcore like that so you’ll see she is often standing with her bare feet on the bare ground. Her flexibility was a little impaired so you’ll have to wait for some particular poses until this summer when we do another shoot in a natural setting. Some of these have already been posted on Flickr. Here are the rest of the good ones. Also, make sure to bop on over to facebook and comment it up! Enjoy.

        I know this is not a standard post so I’m not going to follow my standard format and comment every few images. Basically, we explored and Anna did Yoga. If you use Pinterest, there are a few pinterest-able shots at the bottom of this post. If you *HINT* want to *HINT* pin any of these *HIIINT!*. Hey look, it’s Caitlin! She provided some emergency foot-warming. This is the one pose I had a specific vision for. Even though we saved it for the end, Anna was able to still execute it. Way to go, Anna. We’ll end with this one. And now, for all those Pinteresters out there. That would be awesome if you pinned some of these.


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