Remember that flexible friend of mine named Anna who yogas? We did a shoot together a few winters back in a really cold urban setting (check it out here). We wanted to do a contrasting shoot with a really warm organic feel and what follows are the highlights from that experiment.

Before I get into that, however, I’d like to brag on this girl a little bit. Some of her photos got picked up by a budding yoga studio in Guadalajara, Mexico so technically she’s an international model, or, “modelo internacional” if you will. Get her autograph while you can, folks! Check out what the banners will look like:

So anyways… enjoy this Summer yoga post from the forests of Kalamazoo. Comments are welcome and encouraged at the bottom!

Another thanks to Caitlin who came to this followup shoot. She encouraged both of us to avoid poison ivy, reminded us to apply bug spray, and generally filled knowledge gaps in our woodsmanship.

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