It’s hard to know how much to write for certain couples’ blogposts. Sometimes it’s because I didn’t get to know the two quite as much as I would have liked and I’m afraid I’ll put my foot in my mouth trying to give a comprehensive synopsis. Other times, like in this situation, I care for the pair so much that I lose my filter and can’t stop talking about their “Power Couple Rating” (PCR)*, how happy I am they’re finally married, and how blessed I was to be a part of their wedding day.

I will say this: Brandon and Libby are a strong team. Their character strengths should be models for all of us in generosity, patience, empathy, and wisdom. Better now that they’re together, I look forward to seeing how these two benefit the communities they are a part of.

The friends were married at a really delightful venue. Let’s take a look around the grounds to start things off.

*100% made-up term.

Here’s Libby in the room where she got ready.

Lets check in with the guys. There was a World Cup match being played so they had the TV on which should explain some of (but not all) of the vacant looks below.

I can’t get over the details in Libby’s dress.

The ring bearer, Parker.

References if you want them:
Location: The beautiful English Inn 

Flowers: Eden Designs LLC out of Brighton, MI 

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