Caroline and Shawn were married in my hometown of Dexter, MI. I grew up with Caroline playing the role of “best friend’s youngest sister” so imagine the mix of emotions when she approached me about photographing her wedding. The relationship between these two developed and grew through their involvement in New Life Church, which is a vibrant community of students and “grown ups” on the campus of the University of Michigan.

There was such an intentional commitment in Shawn and Caroline’s wedding ceremony. From the washing of feet, to the worship songs being led by siblings/close friends, it all was very measured and very meaningful as a result.

Enjoy these highlights of their day.

CarolineShawn_0012 CarolineShawn_0013 CarolineShawn_0014 CarolineShawn_0015 CarolineShawn_0016 CarolineShawn_0017 CarolineShawn_0018 CarolineShawn_0019 CarolineShawn_0020 CarolineShawn_0021 CarolineShawn_0022

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