Brian and Karen had a very special wedding. Not only were there a host of fantastic and unique touches throughout their day, the weather got really bad for a bit just prior to the ceremony. Like “this red part of the storm is us” bad. Then the sun came out. The grass dried up, the tent flaps came up, and the night turned into the best day ever. Praise. God.

Let’s take a look at how this day progressed (all at The Old Farmhouse). We’ll start inside with the guys.

The ladies were nearby in a separate building.

We also had to visit the old(e) farmhouse interior with the ladies.

Ok, here’s where the weather got bad. Let me explain where we were in our schedule:
All of the bridesmaids had just left the area to send Brian over for the first-look. It was Karen, me, and Drew (whose birthday it was (he’s from Overneath (Check him out))). We’re huddled in a small slat-walled building. Thomas, my second shooter for the day, was with the guys in the main barn (seen below).

And that is how things stayed for 30 minutes while this beastly storm rumbled through.

One of the fantastic benefits to this change of plans was that I could really take my time in photographing how beautiful Karen looked on her wedding day.

Rain’s done, time for a first look! *Heel click*

The chairs got moved from outdoors to under the reception tent and the ceremony could progress.

Karen’s grandmother brought over a stool so the couple could be on an equal level for the first kiss.

See how nice the weather is now?!

The reception

Ice cream instead of cake.

How can you not work every hectare of a nearby corn field?

Brian and Karen were convinced it was in their best interest to take advantage of golden hour. You can tell it was a hard sell.

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