Craig and Christine were married on New Years Eve in the Chelsea, MI train station (BTW, Check out their engagement shoot). Their wedding started late in the day so we could all party in the New Year together. Lets relive the experience starting at Christine’s Aunt and Uncle’s house (Where the couple got ready).

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Where were we? Ah yes, the house/cabin…

I’m proud of Christine for not letting the temperature keep her from wearing this dress.


These mounts looked down as Craig and Christine finished getting dressed.

A stone’s throw from the cabin:


We took a short drive to some lovely hills. The nearby farmer shouted at us thinking that we were going sledding. Silly farmer.



Heading into town, we walked around for a few more shots of the area. Thank God for high ISO! That’s a camera thing, people.

A little later, in downtown Chelsea. Here is the train station where the rest of the night’s activities would be taking place.

Prior to the ceremony, a band kept it light as guests mingled and sipped various adult beverages.

Lets take a moment to check out this fantastic baking. A “cake break” if you will.

Last minute preparations and greetings before the ceremony.

The ceremony:

The first kiss as man and wife.
A blessing read by Christine’s uncle.

Here are some moments from the family pictures. Craig’s kisses can make anyone smile!




Craig did it all that New Years Eve.

Look! Party people!

And they danced.

…So then this happened:

Snow angel

Winding down the night.

Happy New Year!


Thanks again for the wonderful night, Craig and Christine!

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