Oh yeah, so there was an aspect of this whole footloose business that I never got into. (It just didn’t flow with the rest of the previous blogpost) One of the images I took got turned into a digital billboard being shown around “the Zoo”. I think it turned out alright.

First, here’s the image I submitted to the creative team. I wasn’t sure what they would do with it so I just let them crop it as they wished. You can do a lot with a native resolution of 5616 x 3744 px. I would have preferred the team use the sweet jumping shot but whatever (that made it onto the posters and programs so I can’t complain). Oh yeah… but as you can already tell there’s a pretty big difference in color from that title image.

So that’s all good and everything. Then I find out just how high the resolution on the largest billboard is.


Yup, that’s it. That disgruntled box is 638 x 176px. Seems pretty small when viewed on your computer and when viewing the final you start thinking “oh great, this looks terrible”. So here’s the final:

 Buuuut I submit that the viewing distance really does have a lot to play with these sort of things (at least that’s what I tell myself to feel better about how my work is displayed). So there you have it. My work on a billboard!

These two images are composite shots. One long exposure at f/30 and 30 seconds to get the streaking lights and another at -2 stops f/2.8 and ~1/8 sec to get the billboard at a good exposure (But slow enough to negate effects of the flickering LEDs).

Go see this show! It’s really great :).

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