A few months ago, I mentioned in this blogpost that the couple was “2nd generation”. Lauren and Ryan (picture above) are also 2nd generation descendants from the same Indian wedding. I’m honored to remain connected with these people and I look forward to seeing so many of my friends/clients in one place :).

Ryan, Lauren, and I met up in the Rochester Hills area for the start of the shoot and then ended up driving downtown to the public library and waterfront. This couple won’t be married until this December so we all have a little wait (and they have time to plan ;)).

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And so we begin at a playground…

This is a local park where Lauren and Ryan live.

 The Ring!

This couple hides their shivers well.

 Ryan always thought these statues’ poses were funny. I agreed.

 Minutes later, a policeman would shout at us.

 There are many complimentary structures in the Detroit Public Library.

 A standalone.

 These next images brought to you by the references section of the Detroit Public Library.

 Breakin’ laws and staying warm at the waterfront.

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