I had a blast covering the engagement party of this charismatic couple. On New Year’s Eve I drove into the Californian country to Sumeet’s parents’ house where they were hosing a night of laughs, dinner, and dancing. I’ll take you through the night as you page through the pictures. Make sure to check out Sumeet and Amarinder’s engagement also! Click here if you’d like.

First, the amazing property.

See for yourself. The lighting and details were amazing.

Here’s where the appetizers were served.

The catering was done on-site just a short walk down the driveway.Here’s where the appetizers/dinner was made (a short walk down the driveway)

Sumeet and Amarinder enter with their parents.

The couple exchanges rings on a massive rock in front of all the guests.

Next, they cut the cake.

After some time, the couple came to the center of the dining area. Here they are each holding one of their shoes and of their future spouse’s shoes. Questions are asked of them such as “Who will take out the garbage?” and they raise the shoe of the person they think will be the one. As you can imagine, many leading questions make for many laughs :).

Next, their friends reenacted the exciting tale of how Sumeet met Amarinder.

Bollywood dance? I think so!

Sumeet and Amarinder asked the guests to write advice on cards throughout the night. Here, they read from the cards.

Another custom is that each family gives gifts not only to their new son or daughter but also the rest of the extended family. I really liked this because it symbolizes that you’re not just marrying one person but a whole additional line of tradition and history. Oh yeah, and each gift usually is accompanied by a little hand-fed treat.

After that, we danced and danced.

At multiple times throughout the night, Sumeet engaged in a dance battle with this skilled opponent.

As the night wore on, some needed fresh beats to resuscitate their weary legs.

Did I mention that it was also New Year’s Eve?

Make sure to check out the engagement shoot I did with Sumeet and Amarinder earlier in the day.

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