A little over a year before Nick and Mary’s wedding took place I had photographed a wedding for another couple at the same venue: Stetson chapel. On that fateful day my pants tore in the worst way right before the ceremony. Needless to say, I was a bit wary returning given my history, but thankfully the day was amazing and tear free!

Before I get into things (sorry if that anecdote was out-of-place), remind yourself about these two wonderful people by reviewing their engagement. Remember, a selection of these photos will also be on my facebook page where you’re free to comment, like, and laugh your head off.

So as I said, the wedding took place at the beautiful Stetson Chapel. Before we get there, lets jump right into some of Mary’s prep:

Alright, lets take a walk around Kalamazoo College’s campus before we head indoors.

Thanks to my second shooter Thomas Wrench for these great detail shots.

What are those guys up to?

Now to check in with the ladies… Huge thanks to Anna who helped by photographing this prep along with parts of the ceremony.

In a moment. You’ll behold the most beautiful broach bouquet I have ever seen. Ok, well it’s the  only one I’ve seen in person. I have  documented it in a gif so you can more adequately see each side:

Ok, lets continue

Now for the first look.

Time for these two to get hitched.

They did it!

A few shots of the wedding party:

Now it’s Nick and Mary time.

Some of these party bus moments must have embarrassed Mary somewhat. I like how she joins in :).

The reception was held at Eesley Place and the interior look really complemented this wedding.

First dances



That’s all people. Thanks so much for viewing!

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