Liz, Devin, and I met at Al Sabo preserve for the start of this engagement. We were so blessed with beautiful cloudless skies which mirrored the fun and laughter we had (if I may speak for us all.) It was a little cold but we ended up indoors (At Rupert’s Brew House) for a warming drink.

These two are a lot of fun to be around. I’m looking forward to the wonderful images we’ll create together at their wedding this Autumn! Feel free to comment below or on facebook here.



At Rupert’s.

You saw that shot of Liz back a little ways? Yeah she looked great but let me show you how many photos it took to get a good look out of her :). Ok, Devin doesn’t help AT ALL.


That last photo, above, is the Great Dane that hangs out at Rupert’s. Sweetest dog I’ve met in a while.

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