Here it is! My last BWB (Before Wolfe Baby) shoot!
I had the great pleasure of working with Miss Shelagh Brown with the intent on generating some fresh promo photos. To my great delight, fellow creative Thomas Wrench used my photos to design Shelagh’s first EP titled Anywhere & Everywhere…but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Starting with the band shots, I tried out some ideas before moving to shots of just Shelagh. Below is a small selection of some of my favorites.

Now lets check out some of Shelagh’s best.

We found a little beam of light in the woods so we worked with that for a bit.

Immediately below is a three image panorama that was the base image for the wrap-around EP cover. Again, check it out in detail here. Below that are several other shots from among the orchard part of the location we explored.

Shooting down the aisles of peach trees before laying down in the grass for some back-lit shots. All natural light here, folks.


Yeah, isn’t that interesting how it looks like it could be? I need a grid to be able to focus the beam that tightly on my equipment… so I just use nature :). Glad to hear you like ’em!

Ooohh, I assumed that your beam of light in the woods was a flash. SO COOL. These are phenoms, Brian!

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