Amy and Phil got married last month on the East side of the state and it was beautiful. Not only are these two beautiful people but their hearts are in the right place too (Phil’s reception speech, anyone?) For those that can’t get enough of these two in this blogpost, feel free to check out the engagement blogpost here.

We’ll start at with the girls who prepared at the Bay Pointe Golf Club. Oh, and I have two .gifs for you to look for. Also, huge thanks to Kyla Ford for assisting me on this wedding.

Phil’s currently at officer’s training on the East coast so make sure to leave lots of comments for him on his photos in the facebook album. I read on the internet somewhere that the drill sergeants base their punishments off facebook likes/comments. It must be true.

Let us begin with the dress.

Now to checkup on the guys:

And back to the girls where Amy was putting on her dress. That beautiful dress.

The ceremony was held at the Shrine Chapel of Orchard Lake. I particularly like the following images where Amy’s dad sees her for the first time.

These guys sure clean up nice! The girls are a given.

The last few moments before the ceremony.

And we begin!

Signing of the marriage license.

Here’s a group shot before we get to the good stuff with just Phil and Amy. I can’t stress enough how much I feel these images should be seen as large as possible. And that’s not said from a position of trying to sell prints or anything (I don’t do that.) You’ll see what I mean. Drink these next few in.

Keep drinking.

Our first gif!

Gif number two:


Kyla caught these wonderful moments in the limo.

A few shenanigans before the reception begins (which was all business, let me tell you.)

We jump right into the cake cutting. Remember it being all business?
Speeches by the maid of honor and best man followed by Phil’s great speech.

The first dance!

Here as a surprise, a close family member sang “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts to be joined by all of the guests for the chorus.

The father daughter dance evolved into a dance with all fathers and their daughters. Likewise with the mother son dance.

Amy clipped some cashola to her garter before Phil threw it. That’s one way to do it ;).

Some great dancing and other bits from the reception:

This couple below danced a mean polka.

Sparkler sendoff!

I love how concerned the best man was with lighting Phil and Amy’s path.

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OHMAHGAWSHHH. the gif’s are amazing. so good.

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