Oh marching band. That dear activity that has brought so many wonderful people into my life. Ann and Brian are one such pair. We all played the same instrument (the “horn”, for simplicity) and called any relationship between people who played the horn “Horncest”. We spent many hours together and have shed many gallons in sweat. When they asked me to shoot their wedding, I was honored.

If you want to check out their engagement, here’s a link. Remember to check out my facebook page and click that “like” button while you’re investing this Brian Wolfe character *wink*. Thanks to Kyla Ford for assisting along with the ever present Heidi!

They were wed at the good ol’ University of Michigan in an iconic building. Lets dive on in!

This dress makes me smile. This image is a combination of several exposures. The dress was hung from the top of a light stand which I painted out in post.

The details

I love when there’s enough of a difference in finger size between the bride and the groom for me to be able to do things like this.

I took the dudes out for a walk. It was hot, I’ll be honest, but the were champs.

If I do another wedding in the area, I’ll be sure to visit what I now affectionately call the “Oompa Loompa window”.

Groomsmen like Jay bring out the genuine smiles. It’s also a reminder for me to be ready to draw that camera quickly. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

Oh happy baby. Stop distracting Ann from getting ready!

Happy baby is the younger sister of the young ring barer.

Ann has a great toe-point. Points like that get you far in the ol’ Michigan Marching Band.

A selfless bridesmaid is what every bride needs.

A moment between mother and son.

Ann can kill it.

The whole bridal party can work it, I should say.

Awesome details.


I love the university for the high ceilings.

A peck on the stairs on their way out.

A few more moments rest before a walk…

… to the Diag!

And C.C. Little bus stop!

They used sheet music from band as the table markers. This tune was played at the end of every game win or lose.

First dance.


Ol’ Happy Baby is up to her tricks!


Ann and Brian made their cake toppers.

Cakesmash: 2012

The Horns in attendance spanning 3/4 of a decade. There’s me!

More dancing!

The ring barer busted out some Push-Chair. An early adopter was quick on the uptake behind him.

The fantastic reception venue.

The epic bouquet toss! Want more info? Click the picture.

 Ann castin’ looks during the garter removal.

Bouquet + Garter catchers. They tore up the dance floor in a duet to Careless Whisper

I’ll end the post with Brian and his grandmother.

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Whoo! I love how they all turned out. Thanks again for letting me come with!


Also, congratulations and wonderful pictures!

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