I think Ben and Renée are great. I love it when I have friends and clients. These two are really good looking too so it’s always nice to add such a couple to my portfolio! Being around people who love each other makes me happy. We had a pretty ambitious shoot in very cold weather (considering what they were wearing) so I’m happy they both were able to handle the temps so we could get these shots.

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If you’re interested in seeing the complete shoot, click here and you’ll be able to navigate their gallery.

Lets get to the photos. We started at the campus of K college with some lovely backlight…

I like when girls pick up guys. Especially Renée sized girls (small).

After a change of outfit, we took some shots inside the chapel on campus where these two will be married later this year. My intention is to duplicate some of these shots with them on their wedding day. I know. “Mr. Plans Ahead”

In all these interior shots we were serenaded by a pianist practicing.

Now we’re out in a field and we’re freezing.

Keep her warm, Ben. Keep her warm.

In our backyard I set up this table and Renée brought mason jars, candles, and those sweet lights.


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