Kelly and Austin are great people. I met up with these two Before Wolfe Baby (BWB) and I’m so thankful they’re so laid back with me getting these photos to them. Huge thanks, guys.

Like I said, BWB we carpooled out to some recreational parks around Allegan in Kelly’s Mom’s van. It wasn’t the best of days but you’d never know it. These two love each other and they snuggled up whenever it got a little windy. All that snugglin’ and lovin’ translated really well in these images methinks.

If you’re interested in complimenting Austin on his adorable  hair or telling Kelly how great her necklace went with her dress, you can do so either here or on facebook. Otherwise, hop on in!

I’m glad that these two were willing to go out on a lim-… No jokes. I promised I wouldn’t tell jokes.

Note how the colors of the fruit matched so nicely. Great touch!

Make sure you check out the last shot in the next image grouping. Kelly’s ring is gorgeous and coincidentally matched the flowers in the field we were shooting in.

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