Another fine pair of friends and another fine wedding. It’s hard to believe how perfectly this wedding went for me behind the lens. The people, the locations, the attire, the food… Everything looked amazing (but that’s what you get when you put as much time into things as they did). What you are about to see is the start of something beautiful for Ben and Renée. If you’re interested in checking out their engagement shoot it can be found here. Want to see ALL of the photos? Click this link.

Heidi and I were joined for part of the day by our friend, Thomas. He turned out some excellent shots and I appreciate him. So should you!

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Ok, to the photos.

Renée prepped at her parents’ house. We’ll start our tale there.

Heidi took a lot of these shots. Also, notice how awesome Renée’s handwriting is :).

Renée’s sister Carly and her husband Jonathan (shout out!) offered up their home  for the groomsmen to use. The cat you see is named Chaco.

Here’s the beautiful venue. Kalamazoo College’s Stetson Chapel.

These dudes look sharp.

For as sharp as the dudes looked, the ladies looked equally as beautiful.

Ben and Renée did what I can only think to call a “First Touch”. Renée slipped Ben a little somethin’ somethin’ which he later read in a place of tremendous solitude (the bathroom).

Last minute check ups. The best man gets the rings and the guest finish seating.

Heidi got these moments between Renée and her father. The ceremony was officiated by a friend which is always great because it’s more personal that way. Ben and Renée also wrote their own vows which I think is huge. Marriage is different for everyone so the ceremony should reflect that.

Ben goes for the dip!
A couple’s first few moments alone are always awesome to behold.
Note the “good game” in the last frame.

A few moments with the couple before the wedding party comes in and we go to work.
It’s all about the faces.

The reception was held at the W. K. Kellog Manor House… it’s quite splendid. A lot of time was taken on these details so ENJOY THEM!

Ben and Renée snuck/sneaked away with me for a few short moments before their entrance. That’s Gull lake you’re looking at (And a gorgeous couple).

In the last frame, the 4 of us (an employee of the manor made #4) were on a golf cart and the battery started dying. I jumped out to push/take pictures and the weightloss on the cart made all the difference. The driver never took his foot off the pedal and I was left jogging behind. Ben and Renée’s first laughs as a married couple. You’re welcome.

The girls help out while the dudes have nothing better to do than take sweet pics.

The couple enters the back patio.
Ben’s best man, Connor, gives a speech as does Renée’s sister Natalie.
Renée’s father prays.

In another twist, the couple had cheese cakes!
Below the image of them cutting the cake is a long exposure.
Below that, an awesome laundry-line photo collage in-a-frame with photos from their engagement (It sat on their gift table).

At last, the dancing can begin!
The last image in this grouping is simply a long exposure. No other foolery.

Time to throw things! (or explore then throw in Ben’s case)

That’s Bryce and Elyse above (With the heart) they created the sparkler paintings.
A late-night dash to the car amid sparks.

A fitting end :).

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Yeah, Craig. I think that wedding of yours is going to be a riot. I expect great things.

This is getting me just a leeeeetle more excited for New Year’s Eve with you two…WHOO!!

Thank you both very much. I appreciate you each saying something!

I’m a friend of a friend of one of the bridesmaids and that’s how I came across these photos. These are BEAUTIFUL. I love the quality and the expression you captured in each one. Makes a girl excited to find just that right photographer on her wedding day.

I’ve been following your photography since you did Ann and Brian Igoe’s wedding. I am simply amazed by the photos you have taken. They are some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen!

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