It’s the end of an era. My last remaining unmarried sister is getting married!

The day before she graduated, my youngest sister Carrie and her fiancé Joel showed me around EMU’s campus. They spent the shoot recounting some of the formative moments of their relationship and we visited some important locations. Joel has been going to school in Florida for the past few years, so it’s rare that he and Carrie are physically together. It’s even more rare when I’m around them as a couple, so I was very glad to be able to see them interact and, what is the word, “canoodle”.

They’re getting married in a few months, and I’ll be blubbering behind the camera as I see my wonderful sister marry her love.
Carrie, I’m excited to see this next chapter in your life unfold.
Joel, I look forward to the rest of our lives now lived as brothers.

Enjoy these highlights.


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