Chris and Meg had an intimate wedding last month at Zingerman’s Events. Starting with a less-formal marriage license signing (officiated by Paul Saginaw) we then headed over to the Museum of Natural History for a few pictures where Chris and Meg had one of their first dates. Take notes, people. If you’re looking for fun/original date ideas, ask these two. Dinosaurs are awesome.

Back at the event space, the traditional ceremony took place among a group of around 30 people (counting the staff). Afterward, people socialized, imbibed, and snacked as the space was flipped for dinner. I relished the opportunity to be a part of such a candid environment.

What follows is the visual chronological account of what I described above. We’ll start with the invitation and then some sweet some bowtie action.

ChrisMeg_0001Chris_Meg-22 Chris_Meg-21 Chris_Meg-20 Chris_Meg-19 Chris_Meg-18 Chris_Meg-17 Chris_Meg-16 Chris_Meg-14 Chris_Meg-13 Chris_Meg-12 Chris_Meg-11 Chris_Meg-10 Chris_Meg-9 Chris_Meg-8 Chris_Meg-7 Chris_Meg-6 Chris_Meg-5 Chris_Meg-4

I thought it was particularly fresh to try establishing shots at night… and plus this is when I had a little down time.

Chris_Meg-3 Chris_Meg-2 Chris_Meg-1

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