This past July, I met Emily for the first time in person on the morning of her wedding. She and her ladies-in-waiting were all gathered at The Boulevard Inn to prepare. Photographic documentation started with hair and makeup. After everyone was ready, we headed over to the ceremony/reception site.

I’m making an effort to concentrate the blogposts. Show fewer photos. Tell more with less. What follows is my attempt to distill all the day’s emotions into a few handfuls of highlights. The only other words I’ll say are these: it brings me great joy to, for a little while, enter into the midst of such loving and supportive family at a very important stage for their son/daughter. I particularly felt that bond with the families of Emily and Colin.

Let us begin with the photos…

Shaw_Wedding_0001 Shaw_Wedding_0002 Shaw_Wedding_0003 Shaw_Wedding_0004 Shaw_Wedding_0005 Shaw_Wedding_0006 Shaw_Wedding_0013 Shaw_Wedding_0008 Shaw_Wedding_0009 Shaw_Wedding_0007 Shaw_Wedding_0010 Shaw_Wedding_0011 Shaw_Wedding_0012 Shaw_Wedding_0014

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