I absolutely love photographing the weddings of those I know and care for. Marshall and Tina are one such pair. Remember their engagement? Their wedding took place in Ann Arbor and was simply gorgeous. This is my first wedding of the year so stay TUNED to some amazing weddings coming down the pipe.

Now kick back with an adult beverage and take your time with these highlights. If you want to see the full album, there’s a link for it at the bottom of the page. Take your time :). I couldn’t help but include plenty of long vertical images because you can see the detail so much better that way.


 Here’s a detail shot of the gorgeous details.

I loved their alter setup (Christina’s dad built that frame). The saplings on the outside represen the families Marshall and Christina are coming from where as the sapling in the middle is their new family that is forming.

Sneaky Sneaky!

 The dudes abide.

Check this out. Make sure it has time to load (~6mb)

Lady time

Queue the music.

Here, the mothers are planting the saplings representing each of their families into the same pot as the third sapling.

Marshall and Christina tie the three young trees together signifying their families uniting.

They couldn’t get enough kissin’ 🙂

So they snuck away upstairs…

This is something I noticed when photographing the ring. I think it was a surprise for Marshall (judging by his reaction). I also believe the inscription in his ring is a quote from The Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis.

As the ship nears the entrance of the dark tunnel, [Lucy] looks back one last time at the Sun and sees something in the shape of a darkened cross against the brightness. She blinks as she sees it getting larger and then realizes that it is a bird of the sea, an albatross. And suddenly it is above her, circling around the mast, closer and closer until it whirrs near her head, surrounding her with a glorious perfume and the whispered words: Courage, dear heart.

I love that.

Cheesing during the formal shots

Time to go take some pictures!

The wedding party was dismissed so Marshall, Christina, Heidi, and I could all spend some quality time together. More details on this image here.


Entrance at the reception.

Phil explaining the kissing jar. Donations must be made for kisses. The higher the donation (for a church leadership fund), the better the kiss.

This is the result of a huge donation…

…Continued beneath the table.

First dances

“Get over here for a group hug!” – Dad


…Or not

A composite shot of the bouquet toss.

And a sultry garter removal :).

Want to see more? Check out the full album here.

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Nice work! Love the guys in the museum wall!

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