Jenine and Adam were married about a month ago in Lansing, MI. Their wedding was one of comfort, closeness, and delicious food. With an intimate guest list, the entire event happened at the Old Town Marquee. “Laid-back class” begins to describe the relaxed elegance that permeated the decoration and table settings. There were several delightful emotional moments throughout the day such as Adam seeing Jenine walk down the aisle or their first dance together. Enjoy this look through those highlights and more, below. Also, feel free to browse their engagement blogpost while you’re at it.

Be blessed in your marriage,  you two!

AdamJenine_Wedding_0001AdamJenine_Wedding_0002 AdamJenine_Wedding_0003 AdamJenine_Wedding_0004 AdamJenine_Wedding_0005 AdamJenine_Wedding_0006 AdamJenine_Wedding_0007 AdamJenine_Wedding_0008 AdamJenine_Wedding_0009 AdamJenine_Wedding_0010 AdamJenine_Wedding_0011 AdamJenine_Wedding_0012 AdamJenine_Wedding_0013 AdamJenine_Wedding_0014 AdamJenine_Wedding_0015 AdamJenine_Wedding_0016 AdamJenine_Wedding_0024AdamJenine_Wedding_0017 AdamJenine_Wedding_0018 AdamJenine_Wedding_0019 AdamJenine_Wedding_0020 AdamJenine_Wedding_0021

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