You meet a lot of amazing people photographing weddings. Families are at their most gracious and friends are especially helpful. With Drew and Maria, I was surprised by how much that framework of expectations could be exceeded. It made my job so easy. Joy was in abundance, emotions were on display, and at the end of the day, two wonderful families were united.

We’ll take a short trip over to the dudes to see what they’re up to.

I told you it would be short, didn’t I?

Here we are at the ceremony location where last minute details were coming into place.

The ceremony begins!

I was overjoyed by the amount of time we had for photos. You’ll see we put it to good use!

We stopped by the Henry Ford Museum for some group photos.

Slow down here. There’s a high concentration of newlywed smoochin’.

Yes there was a party bus. Yes there are more pictures. No it wouldn’t be appropriate to show some most of them.

Some of the delicacies at the reception.
Some of the more notable entrances.


Amazing cake.
Heartfelt speeches.

First dances.

The rest of the dancing deserved its own special section. That begins here (Note the pants-rip down towards the bottom):


Theresa Olszewski

Captures all the happiness of that day.


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