Kevin and I attended the University of Michigan together. So did Lindsey for that matter but I didn’t meet her until our recent shoot in Ann Arbor. In town to finalize wedding plans, these two were able to spare a few hours on a Saturday morning to walk around the Law Quad with me.

I’m going to go ahead and say that thousands of weddings and engagement photos have been taken in and around the quad so I really tried getting atypical shots while still utilizing the beautiful backdrops. Judge for yourself how I did below! If I can entice you to comment on these photos over in the album on my facebook page, I’d appreciate it.


Oh yeah, and I made a gif. I’ve been making a lot of these recently :).

Heading inside, we found cross-vaults and other delightful architecture.

Exploring the main study area was uncomfortable because there wasn’t any AC. These two make it look easy.

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