Rachel and Elijah are awesome. They drove all the way over to Kalamazoo because I know the area better photographically speaking. Not only that but they did it in the rain! I’ve been very fortunate to never have been rained out during a wedding *knock on some serious wood* but I have had some so-so weather during engagement sessions. This one was probably the dreariest. Elijah and Rachel were willing to take some risks and try something new and it paid off in a huge way. I always enjoy thinking outside of the box and hopefully you’ll see where that factored in.

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Enjoy the post!

We started at Water Street Coffee on Water St. of all places.

Wanting to try a little nature, we braved the rain for a little bit. Rachel has this amazing umbrella.

So rain’s no fun for photos, right? Do you know what is great for photos? That’s right! Abandoned buildings! (Good guess)

It’s getting better. The textures, the poise, all of it except the weather.

That looks like fun over there.

Here, I stuck a remote flash behind the couple and had them stand under the leaky ceiling.

GIF TIME!!! While there’s a break in the rain!

I just love how comfortable and beautiful these two are around each other.
We found some glass and used that as a stage for shooting the ring.

I saved this one for last because it’s awesome. Again, flash behind the couple. Multiple exposures stitched together.

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Thanks, Ruby! I appreciate you saying so.

FAVEEEEEE. this shoot is golden. always find myself coming back to these pictures…

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