I, like everyone else who loves Kelly and Austin, am so happy for the arrival of this wedding day. These two have faced their share of good times and bad, but it’s so much sweeter now that they’re operating as a tag-team dynamic duo in the eyes of God and their local state/county/province. Watch out, contiguous United States! Their wedding day was full of personal touches which speak to their creativity, playfulness, and humor. Ideally, you’ll get a sense of that through these photos.

Lets start together at Kelly’s mom’s house with the guys getting ready in the basement. Enjoy the scroll, friends.

The girls, getting ready on the 1st floor.

Austin’s face at seeing his bride for the first time will give you a grin and a more positive outlook on life.

Above, Kelly’s dog River.
Below, time with only two.

This silo is at their ceremony/reception venue by the way.


Pre-ceremony into the actual ceremony:


These two lit a sky lantern unity candle.

Now for some married time with these two *kissing noises*

Ladies, gents, watch out.

Also, this:

Ahem… The reception.

Each kiss was rated.
These two know what they’re doing but that didn’t stop others from giving them a few pointers.

Like Austin’s parents :D.

More first dancing

The dancing was quite “off the chain” as Kelly has been know to say.

A lil’ golden hour magic:


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