I love photographing weddings where I’ve got some history with the bride and groom. I find we’re all more natural around one another and I can better document things. As it just so happens, Heidi and I became friends with Andrew and Dana through a camp we attended together for several years. Hanging out with them as their lives transformed in front of our lenses was a wonderful treat. Let walk through their wedding day. Oh, and it’s Dana’s Birthday tomorrow! Happy Birthday, Dana!

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The ceremony was held at Wildwind community church in Flint, MI.

I think it’s hilarious when dudes get ready in the nursery. I got a good laugh this day. Below, Andrew is a pro napkin folder.

This is Sarah. She’s a close friend to Andrew and Dana and she was their coordinator. She also filled a lot of other positions and generally made herself invaluable. Heidi captured these details and moments (way to go, girl!)

A little chill time before the ceremony with the ring bearer and the groom.

Meanwhile, the sanctuary fills up. The groomsmen pull double duty as ushers.

Here, Sarah is giving a few final bribes to the flower girl to ensure a smooth start. There were windows at the back of the sanctuary so Andrew turned around so he wouldn’t see Dana until the doors open. What a great reaction :).

I love hearing custom vows that are from the heart. These were no exception.

The kiss and recessional followed by a brief moment alone…

Time to celebrate! A party bus brought the wedding party to Dana’s uncle’s house who graciously allowed us to take photos in and around the premises. It was great to see how Dana and Andrew interacted in their first few moments as marrieds :).

The bridesmaids and groomsmen were a lot of fun. Here are some photos of the group before we get to the shots of just Dana and Andrew. The last jumping shot is a total win in my book.

Now for just the couple…

Yup, they’re in the tub :).
Below that we spent a little time outside walking around the house.

Back in the bus on our way to the reception…

Below, Eli and his wife Ashley presided over one of the coolest aspects of the reception: the beer tasting table! Andrew brewed 5 batches of 5 different beers to be tasted and rated at the reception. He invited feedback through a scoring/comment card because we all want to get better at our hobbies right? Brew-on, Andrew!

The toasts.
Below, Andrews parents read a prayer they wrote. Then, the meal is blessed.

Cake cutting!

I took some pictures of their rings… this would be a good place for that to go right?

First dance between Andrew and Dana.
Dana with her father.
Andrew with his mother.

Lets get funky! The groomsmen really represented on the dance floor. Props, guys.

The musician/DJ Bobby Standal was awesome. Check out his music and voice here.

Things ended with a sparkler send-off!

Be blessed, Andrew and Dana!



Bruan these are so FANTASTIC!!! You and Heidi seriously rocked out the whole photography aspect of their wedding!!!! We were so incredibly blessed to have been a part of this day!!! We are so blessed to have you both as friends and were honored to help 🙂 We are so glad we were able to make it back and enjoy such a beautiful and joyous occassion!!! Best wishes for an amazing future & congrats again!! We love you both!!!!

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