Matt & Leanne are 2nd generation. That is to say that Leanne was in a wedding that I photographed this past year (Remember that awesome Indian wedding?) It was great to see them again. This shoot happened two weeks ago in Chicago and the weather was unbelievably nice. The afternoon developed fantastically and as a result I’ve had a hard time limiting myself on these photos. Please enjoy them.

Matt & Leanne, I look forward to your wedding in 2013!

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We started behind their old apartment underneath the El.

 By the end of this series, Matt was positively gymnastic!

After a short stop in a local bar (for a wardrobe change, that’s all) we headed over to Wrigley for a few shots.

Matt just had to pose with The Captain right by some guys fixing their truck.
From there we caught a cab South to the Alder Planetarium & Astronomy Museum (note Matt’s wide-eyed excitement).

 Incorporating the expansive Lake and beautiful sky made for some great scenes.
There weren’t too many background extras either.

 Not sure what this sculpture was but it was utilized.

 Change of outfits and a return to the skyline.

 Making use of the symmetry of the Planetarium.

 The sun was setting and our shoot had started to wind down. By playing with shutter speed, one is able to brighten or darken a scene beyond what the eye is able to do.

 Matt and Leanne climbed the rest of the way up the slope to spend some time walking around the top perimeter of the Planetarium.

 Can’t forget that gorgeous ring!
Also, the descent.

A beautiful day with a fantastic couple.

Thanks for making it this far.

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