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A couple weeks ago I drove East on a crisp Saturday morning. I was headed to my Alma Mater where, nearby, Craig and Christine were making me breakfast. I was in a few classes with Craig back in college. He grew up in a rival town (Chelsea, MI) so that is one point I remember giving each other grief over.

Anyway, we went our separate ways but stayed facebook friends. He watched my photography develop and contacted me when he and Christine were looking for a wedding photographer. I was (and am) touched.

It’s great to be around people who love each other. Craig and Christine are no exception. These two beauties are getting married this New Year’s Eve and Heidi and I are excited to be photographing it. This engagement shoot is a new level for me and I expect their wedding to be similarly tremendous. Stay tuned.

For the full album, please browse this web album (After you look through the blog, that is).

As always, comments are appreciated and craved-for. You may do so here or on facebook. Lets dive in.

As I mentioned before, they made me breakfast. Lets start with some shots of their adorable apartment.

They both love to cook which is the best (for me).

Judging by their most recent scrabble scores, they seem to be pretty evenly matched.

Craig and Christine only share their best smiles with each other.

We went for a walk to the Farmer’s Market.

Then we stopped by That Alley. If you’re from Ann Arbor, you should know what I’m talking about.

I saw you kick him, Christine. So did my camera.

The last vestiges of Autumn clinging to trees on The Diag.
Below that, the facade of West Hall.

Incidents in the Arb. This just in! Sure-footed Craig Missteps!

This one needs its own space.

The walk back took us down Liberty St. If you’ve been keeping track of things, yes. We walked a lot. Almost 5 miles.

This is Craig’s Ring. It has both of their fingerprints on the exterior along with an awesome quote from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116 on the inside.

Pumped for the wedding.

I leave you with this awesomeness. *Beep Boop Boop*

The Robot Gif you're missing out on


It will be another month or so.

when do we get to see the wedding photos????

Weee LOVE IT!!

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