Ryan and Lauren were married in the winter on the East side of the state of Michigan. You can read more about how I know these two in their engagement shoot blogpost. The wedding was just after an incredibly cold spell so everyone in the wedding party was a little more willing to be outside for photos (I didn’t even need to crack the whip).

We’ll start with Lauren’s family home where the ladies got ready.

Selfies & Dressing


Nearby, at the guys’. Nothing quite as elegant happened but they did have a great time learning to fold their napkins.


At the church, we made the most of the room as far as the images with the bride’s ladies are concerned.


Last moments prior to the wedding ceremony.


And it begins.


The group: outside and freezing :).


A quick trip in for a shot as we wait for the lights in downtown Rochester to turn on.


All aboard the party bus.


This reception venue was beautiful. The abundance of gorgeous hues provided some wonderful colors to complement the work of my strobes.



Break it down.



Well done, Brian. I especially like the building stringed lights as a backdrop for those outdoor pics.

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