Alisen and Steven got married last month in La Porte, IN. Just so we’re on the same page, Alisen is my cousin so this was a delightful little family reunion of sorts for our collective side.

Friday weddings are strange creatures. Typically things get started a little later which  naturally affects the light (especially when photographing in an old church). Thanks to modern technology, it’s not the photography show stopper it used to be.

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We started the day with the ladies at Hair Fitness. It’s where hair gets in shape… get it? Ok, I’ll stop because seriously that was terrible.

The reception was held at The Allure. Surprisingly beautiful inside with a not-so-eye-catching exterior. The ladies prepped upstairs.

Steven and the boys showed up downstairs and dressed at average speed (which for guys, means they were ready in about 3.2 minutes).

Back upstairs, the girls helped Alisen into her dress.

We then headed over to the church for a first look and some time-saving pre-ceremony family photos.


The weather was… unfortunate so we went back to The Allure to get some shots of the entire wedding party.

In the shot below, Alisen is standing on a side table. She looks like an Amazonian.
Below, Steven graciously assists on the dismount. These sort of moments are probably my favorite thing to capture.

Back to the church for the ceremony!

One of Alisen’s bridesmaids played guitar and sang during the lighting of the unity candle.

Some of the first moments together as husband and wife… in the church basement (large pipes on camera left).
Below, a bubble exit followed by the marriage license signing (there was obviously a miscommunication)

The guests consumed appetizers in the basement of The Allure as final preparations were made upstairs.

The Cake cutting and speeches are followed by one of those adorable slideshows where you see the baby pictures!

First dance
Father + Daughter
Mother + Son

The dance floor opened! Don’t recognize those dance moves by the groomsmen? Watch this youtube video. Hatemail may be directed via my contact page.
Make sure you catch the last shot in this series. It’s a favorite of mine :).

Here are a few shots of the rings. Thank you IKEA! (I’m referring to the lamp)

I’ll end this post with a composite shot of Alisen’s bouquet toss. God bless your marriage, Alisen and Steven!

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