I spent a few dozen minutes with Sam and her mom the other week at Sam’s grandparents’ house. Sam’s grandparents have a beautiful magnolia tree in their front yard and we wanted to get shots with it flowering. What follows are some of my favorites from our first session together. We’ll be meeting up again in summer to do more work and I look forward to it.

Head on over to the facebook album where you can comment and like each photo (I know it sure would make Sam feel loved). Let me know what you think of my photography either there or in the comments below!

Lets start with Sam below the tree:

I climbed onto a short step-ladder to get these through-the-flowers shots.

Next, Sam IN the tree:

The above image is a multi-shot panorama. Lets check out some single frames.

Here’s another panorama.

Safe and sound on the ground.

Here are a few more photos. That’s Sam’s wonderful mother. She did a great job holding a reflector and getting some natural expressions out of her daughter.


I thank you for the half I can take credit for!

Sammay, you are GORGEOUS, girl!! Both an awesome photographer and model. <3

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